A Career in Technical Science Writing?

“If you find you like doing the writing rather than the science aspect, you like interpreting the data rather than generating them, and you are the person everyone goes to because they need something written…this might be a good career for you.”

This quote describes me to a T. It was taken from this article in Nature about jobs in technical science writing. http://www.nature.com/naturejobs/2011/110714/full/nj7355-255a.html.

While I’ve been thinking for a while now that science writing just may be the career for me, technical science writing actually never crossed my mind. These writers focus on providing information on various products and services that scientists, researchers, engineers, physicians, etc. may use. Yes, these are the people who write that instruction manual that came with your ELISA kit, but thanks to the online and social media age we currently live in, they are also involved in writing for websites, wikis, podcasts, and blogs.

To be honest, the writing part sounds like it would be a bit too tech-y for me, since it would involve writing strictly for the users of products and not the general public (as in science journalism), and therefore any personal flair or creativity may be out the window. BUT, having said that, there would still be opportunity for constant learning!

Something to think about anyways. I’m finding the idea of a freelance career very attractive…dabble in some technical writing here, do a little journalism there…any advice or thoughts on this?

Check out the wonderfully informative link above to the Nature article for more information on careers in technical writing.